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John Greenlees

Victor Snaith

Previous PhD students

Nicola Bellumat, Finiteness of compositions of localisations via fracture diagrams, 2021. Supervisor: Neil Strickland.

Jordan Williamson, Algebraic models and change of groups for equivariant spectra, 2020. Supervisors: John Greenlees and Sarah Whitehouse.

Luca Pol, Algebraic models and rational global spectra, 2020. Supervisors: John Greenlees and Neil Strickland.

Daniel Graves, Functor Homology for Augmented Algebras, 2019. Supervisor: Sarah Whitehouse.

Igor Sikora. Supervisor: John Greenlees.

Dimitar Kodjabachev, Equivariant Gorenstein Duality, 2018. Supervisor: John Greenlees.

Shadman Kareem, Binomial Rings and their Cohomology, 2018. Supervisor: Sarah Whitehouse.

Gemma Halliwell, Derived A-infinity Algebras: Combinatorial models and obstruction theory, 2018. Supervisor: Sarah Whitehouse.

Sam Hutchinson, The Morava Cohomology Of Finite General Linear Groups, 2018. Supervisor: Neil Strickland.

Will Mycroft, Unstable Cohomology Operations: Computational Aspects of Plethories, 2018. Supervisor: Sarah Whitehouse.

Dean Barber, A Comparison of Models for the Fulton-Macpherson Operads, 2017. Supervisor: Neil Strickland.

Mohammed Al-Boshmki, The connective K-theory of elementary abelian p-groups for odd primes, 2016. Supervisor: John Greenlees.

Thomas Sutton, Rational Homotopy Theory and Derived Commutative Algebra, 2016. Supervisor: John Greenlees.

Mohammad Mahdi Abbasirad, Homotopy Theory of Differential Graded Modules and Adjoints of Restriction of Scalars, 2014. Supervisor: John Greenlees.

Magdalena Kedziorek, Algebraic models for rational G-spectra, 2014. Supervisor: John Greenlees.

Khairia Mira, Ossa's Theorem via the Kunneth formula, 2013. Supervisor: Sarah Whitehouse.

Leigh Shepperson, Constructing self injective graded rings with a view towards the generating hypothesis, 2012. Supervisor: Neil Strickland.

Laura Stanley, Upper triangular matrices and operations in odd primary connective K-theory, 2011. Supervisor: Sarah Whitehouse.

Bruce Bartlett, On Unitary 2-representations of finite groups and topological quantum field theory, 2009. Supervisor: Simon Willerton.

Zacky Choo, Computing Borel's Regulator, 2009. Supervisor: Victor Snaith

James Cranch, Algebraic theories and (infinity, 1)-categories, 2010. Supervisor: Neil Strikland.

Kijiti Rodtes, The connective K theory of semidihedral groups, 2010. Supervisor: John Greenlees.

Harry Ullman, The Equivariant Stable Homotopy Theory Around Isometric Linear Maps, 2010. Supervisor: Neil Strickland.

Anthony Hignett, Discrete module categories and operations in K-theory, 2009. Supervisor: Sarah Whitehouse.

Sam Marsh, The Morava E-theories of finite general linear groups, 2009. Supervisor: Neil Strickland.

David Barnes, Rational Equivariant Spectra, 2008. Supervisor: John Greenlees.

Mary-Jane Strong, Additive unstable operations in K-theory and complex cobordism, 2008. Supervisor: Sarah Whitehouse.

Gareth Williams, Poincare duality in equivariant K-theory for CP(V), 2005. Supervisor: John Greenlees.

Daniel Singh, The Moduli Space of Stable N Pointed Curves of Genus Zero, 2004. Supervisor: Neil Strickland.

Juan Perez, The Borel construction on G-spaces for 1-dimensional groups G, 2004. Supervisor: John Greenlees.

Previous Post-Docs

Richard Hepworth

Andrew Stacey

David Gepner

Constanze Roitzheim

Imma Galvez-Carillo

Zacky Choo

Wajid Mannan

Rubén J. Sánchez-García

Johann Sigurdsson

Shoham Shamir

Pokman Cheung


Dae-Woong Lee, Chonbuk National University, 2017.

Nick Kuhn, University of Virginia, 2017 and 2009.

Lennart Meier, University of Bonn, 2016.

Constanze Roitzheim, University of Kent, 2015.

Bob Bruner, Wayne State University, 2010.

Matthew Ando, UIUC, 2010.

Emmanuel Dror-Farjoun, University of Jerusalem, 2010.

Dave Benson, University of Aberdeen, 2010.

Michael Joachim, University of Münster, 2010.

Brooke Shipley, University of Illinois, 2010.

Natalia Castellana, University of Barcelona, 2009.